About Symbue

Graham Gagan,
Symbue Founder

"We are a small team of indie game enthusiasts. For us, game development is the art of crafting living dreams, our aim is to create enjoyable, stimulating experiences. Making games should be fun so we encourage transparency, creativity, experimentation and above all collaboration."

How we work

UI/UX Design

Our UI Design & User Experience Design is the starting point for all our projects, we white box and test ideas early on. Our aim is to ensure all interaction is simple and clear from the outset. An important first step!

Fast track protyping helps identify early on if a rough idea is worth pusuing, we try to keep game mechanics simple, iterative testing early in a projects life helps to ensure the final product is entertaining and fun.

It is important that 3D assets are modelled efficiently using various levels of detail. Our process is based on hi to low poly modeling, optimising a mesh at every stage and also refining texture space.

At the development stage we are confident a project has something special about it. Key requirements will have been identified, asset lists created, project risks mitigated, now production can begin.

Projects in development

Pumpkin Path

"Simple to play, yet challenging, Pumpkin Path is a turn based strategy game. Guide Pi the local 'pumpkin snatching' bird around the farmers field , Pi loves pumpkins but so does the farmer. Avoid the traps and beat the clock for the pumpkin reward that awaits."

Android & iOS
Dawns Harvest

"The population has grown and the time is right for the Dawn Harvest. They come at night mostly... everyone has to sleep, and those that do are taken. You manage the skyline defence team. Take the ships out before the population is decimated."

Android & iOS
JourneyQuest VR®

"Journey across fantastical lands, across time and space. For use on elliptical / cross training exercise machines. No headsets required, choose / change your path whilst exercising, your body is the controller."


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